About Young Indian Birding

Barb's of quill holding cute color and tries to providing beautiful and prominent figure to one bird, as like as YIB always wish to contribute and set a great digital platform to future generation for basis of birding by sharing what YIB had experienced in ornithology field. And YIB have been developing awareness about avian fauna conservation aspects among the mordent young's. The YIB has always practicing it self with research oriented way to digitalize the all over information which was shrink in an ancient Tamil literature and many other resource for birders.

YIB keep on gathering valuable information of bird's from screening pages of unknown books which was kept in library racks with out ventilation, and continuously searching priceless notes from underneath of note pads of great ornithologists about avian species to seed it in digital field for future generation. This is Young Indian's sincere way of enthusiastic experiment at birding field.


Slender lories