Trip to karumkulam

   Today I am going to share my trip to karumkulam on 13.012019 sunday. I with my family went to a trip to Thiruchendur and while I am returning to my home town on the way , I just shocked and stops my car and got down to see the waterbody in karumkulam.It was very beautiful and lucky I brought my camera with me..and I started to do birdwatching with my father and got excused from my family for not going to be on time in home..And then  lately I came to know that ‘it will be an eligible for declaring as a biodiversity point’ as said by an member of an association atree

And then I started to click some photographs which will be posted in below and I uploaded my checklist in our please check the checklist column in our website..And with the some friends help in locality we started to explore the nearby birding spots.. 


And then on my way we spotted an Ayyanar Kovil which was crowded due to some ongoing festival in that temple and it has two water bodies at the side of temple but I went off searching cormorant with feather cleaning or an kingfisher which is waiting to hunt but what I saw was  an man who is taking bath to attend the festival and other who came also starts to enjoy the environment and I went off from that place and visited the nearby reserve forest..but already its a noon so I couldn’t do any birding..but interesting thing that I noticed and likes to share with you is that it has red sand which was very interesting and I just uploaded the photo..and lately I came to know that only in that area in tamil nadu has red sand…



   Then I came to know the water bodies got its source from thamiraibharani river, 

And I just wanted to share some facts that I came across on visiting the place is that its is the only river which get originating in tamil nadu and end in tamilnadu and it gives water to Tuticorin and tirunelveli district and its a only river in tamilnadu which gives water for nearly 9 moths an year.


And by know the you will all get interested and astonished and by now I want inform that  orgin of the river is from kalakadu mundanthurai tiger reserve forest in wester ghats

And form this we could able to understand and correlate about the necessity of saving wildlife and forest.Due to an forest officers and with the help of an UNESCO 

and with support of our government ,the pouching and deforestation and other activities which result in destruction of wildlife is conserved and protected and the local tribes were relocated from the forest with the help of government without losing their earning by allocating money for their benefit and work..And still now its become an dense forest which were became the ‘non human enter’ forest before .And due to the effective conservation of wildlife and forest it serve indirectly to the humans by providing water and thereby by in promoting in agriculture…Its an typical example of a frequent question which come across me 


‘why we should save the forest and whats its use in it..?”

And let’s get back to our trip, after completing the birding we started to moving and we came to know about Sri Vaikuntam and we started to do birding during driving and we reached the place and its is also an important biodiversity point

(may declare 2019)sine it has over 300 terminal arjuna(maarthua maram in tamil)


Which was planted by Rani mangamal over 100 + years back .which got turned intresting about the place and another fascinating news that really turned me more attractive was.There are nearly 300+ fruit eating bat were hanging and some are flying in around that place and all the bat are waiting for night and its presented just above the national highway which pass the town and some people are also living without disturbing the bat.And after watching the bat I really needed to move from that place because I couldn’t  get any excuse for  further stopping our car and disturb my family trip so we started our journey and finally around 8 ‘0 clock night I reached home and after my dinner got over.i opened my laptop and made the article to share my trip experience with my birding friends.

And as a take home message which I learned and remember back was to nature and wildlife for our human survival

2.There is no need of going sanctuary and forest for birding, it can be done in your locality near your house or any lake nearby and we have to take initiation for saving that birds spot near you .

And soon friends we will meet up with another intresting trip report …